Are you considering selling your dealership or acquiring a new one to expand your business?

Rely on the HHM Dealership Services Group to provide business valuation services to get you the best deal. Our group advises on both the buy side and the sell side of dealership transactions – so whether you’re in the market to buy a rooftop or interested in selling a store, you can depend on us to make the sale go smoothly.

Outside of mergers and acquisitions, our services include valuations for tax purposes, including work related to estate planning such as stock gifting valuations or estate tax valuations. Our business valuations are often used in buy-sell agreements, partnership buyouts, and for other corporate planning purposes. We have a very active litigation and expert witness practice dealing with divorce and shareholder disputes, among other matters. 



1. Traditional valuation metrics often do not apply to dealerships, so it takes someone with a deep knowledge of your industry to provide an accurate valuation.
2. Practitioners who don’t specialize in dealership work don’t understand that blue sky value is mostly derived from the dealer’s sign, or sales and service agreement with the manufacturer, and a dealership’s market.
3. General valuation practitioners often miss things that our team doesn’t. Like the fact that even under performing dealerships still have value in their franchise, or that better management often makes an under performing franchise into a profitable dealership under the same sign.
4. Mishandled valuations can lead to lost time and money, and sometimes even a visit from the IRS.
5. Other practitioners usually don’t know that dealership franchise owners also have lower borrowing costs than business owners in most other industries and get enviable financing terms for purchasing inventory.

We’re not general valuation practitioners—we’re specialists with years of experience. Trust us to handle your next valuation case.