We do more than prepare taxes and perform audits.

When obstacles arise in your dealership you need reliable professionals to help you plan a successful future. Our staff will work with you to strategize and give you informed advice for growing your business.

Ready to work together and run your dealership more efficiently?


Interim Controller/Office Manager

We work for you—literally. In the event that you have a vacancy in key positions like office manager or controller, we can provide you with interim coverage. We can even help you fill that vacancy with our comprehensive personnel placement services, which handle every aspect of the process—from placing the advertisement to screening the resumes and conducting interviews.



You have certain performance expectations for your staff—we have a way to ensure they are met. Our operational review gives you an effective, efficient means of communicating and measuring expectations. The review process can be conducted as often as you like and will consider key areas of dealership management including profitability, sales, asset management, internal control processes, and business management.


Expense Analysis & Control

Are you constantly working to keep expenses under control? Our industry experts can perform an expense analysis that will uncover patterns in your dealership and determine front-end costs that could be eliminated to increase profitability. We’ll also give you a strategic plan for your team to follow so you can keep growing your profit margins.


Floorplan Analysis

When it comes to floorplans, it’s important to focus on more than just interest rates. We will help you with all the details involved, from finding and comparing providers to reading and providing areas of concern in the agreements.


Accounting Staff Training

We understand the obstacles you deal with because many of our professionals have worked in dealerships as office managers, controllers, and CFOs. We have the ability to help train, reorganize, and/or help you consolidate your accounting departments so your dealership can reach its full potential.


DMS Optimization

Are you using the right Dealership Management System (DMS) for your business? Our automotive professionals are well-versed in Reynolds & Reynolds, ADP, Dealer Track, and most other Dealer Management Systems. We can easily work with your office staff, in person or remotely, to find the DMS that best fits your needs. Or, we can help your staff better use your current DMS.


Business Performance Analysis & Forecasting

From helping you retain your top talent to helping you establish best practice procedures to retain your top consumers, the HHM Dealership Services Group can conduct a thorough analysis of how your dealership is performing—and what you can do to increase its performance and profitability.


Financing Alternatives & Capital Analysis

Finding the best possible financing resources takes up too much of your time. Let us lighten your load by reviewing the legal documents associated with financing and making sound suggestions for you. If you’re looking to acquire a new store or refinance a floorplan, let us help you manage this process. Do you need to raise money from venture capital investors? We can help with that, too.


Reinsurance Company Alternatives

Rely on our network to give your business a competitive edge. We have relationships with dozens of providers and will stay actively involved with you well past negotiation of fees. Getting you the most favorable terms is our top priority. We’ll also make sure that the legal documents associated with the agreements match your expectations and allow for the flexibility you should have.


Buy/Sell Structure & Negotiation

It’s all about who you know. Because we focus so much time on the industry, we are often the first to know of opportunities for buyers and/or sellers within the dealership industry. Our firm has orchestrated over 200 mergers and acquisitions and maintains close, professional relationships within the legal field to make structuring and negotiating simple and hassle-free.


Related Finance Company Structuring

If you are interested in exploring whether or not a related finance company (or Buy Here/Pay Here company) is right for your dealership, we have the experience to help you make that decision. We fully understand the nature of related finance company models, and can offer you guidance to help you make the right decision for your dealership and take the correct steps to finish the process successfully.