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welcome to the 2024 auto dealers' economic outlook

The biggest question going into 2024 is not if dealership profits will decline from recent levels but how far and how fast will profits decline and what is to be expected as “normal” profit margins in the near term. Over the last four years, the dealership industry has lived through a crash in demand triggered by the Pandemic lockdowns, followed by supply chain breakdowns causing inventories to plummet, resulting in profits soaring to new heights. Now that dealerships have autos back on their lots, dealers walk a tightrope between having inventory to sell yet avoiding a regression back to pre-pandemic margins.

HHM's 2024 edition of the Auto Dealers' Economic Outlook focuses on key points and topics that auto dealers must be aware of going forward into 2024 including:

  • Changes in Automaker Market Share
  • Does the direct-to-consumer model work?
  • Gross Profit per Unit Trend
  • Credit Market Conditions
  • Inventory Levels
  • Rethinking Electric Vehicles
  • U.S. Economic Outlook
  • Interest Rates
  • & more.

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Auto Dealers' Economic Outlook 2024

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We understand that you're working in a competitive industry with razor-thin margins, which is why we offer strategic accounting, audit, tax planning and advisory services that put you miles ahead of the other guys.

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